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Square has released the patch notes from last night and there are a lot of interesting changes. I thought I’d outline a few of them here to make a nice easy summary.

Dungeon Updates

This is where the bread and butter of this update lies. The most notable boost is that Amdapor Keep and Wanderer’s Palace now give 100 Tomes of Philosophy (up from 80 in AK), and Wanderer’s Palace now also provides 30 Tomes of Mythology. This means that a run of Amdapor Keep or Wanderer’s Palace is equivalent to a run of Castrum Meridianum or Praetorium in terms of Philosophy, in addition to providing Tomes of Mythology. This will likely mean an end to speed runs of these two story-mode dungeons in favour of more lucrative AK runs, which will in turn lead to a better experience for new players who must do Castrum or Praetorium in order to complete their story and wish to watch the cutscenes while they do so.

In addition, enemies in Castrum Meridianum, Praetorium, Amdapor Keep, and Wanderer’s Palace now drop gil as well, with people on Reddit reporting ~2700-3000 gil per run of AK.

The Dullahan in Amdapor Keep appear to do less damage (though their other attacks can still easily kill non-tanks, so be careful). This should make the dungeon more accessible for less-geared or less-experienced healers or tanks when things go sideways.

Lastly, upgrades have been done to the instance system which should hopefully fix queue times for AK (and for WP) under load.


Before the patch, players wishing to reach the Grand Company rank of Second Lieutenant were required to be level 50 and complete a quest which involved going through Amdapor Keep. This has been replaced with a quest which involves going through Aurum Veil instead, and which can be done at level 47. This allows new players approaching level 50 for the first time to prepare for the end of their storyline and the start of endgame content by acquiring level 50 gear and weapons from their Grand Company even before reaching level 50.

Note that any players who currently have the original quest to do Amdapor Keep will have to drop the quest and acquire the new quest instead.

Quality of Life Changes

There have been a lot of minor updates in this patch. Airship and ferry fees have been reduced (to provide a viable alternative to teleporting everywhere), Botany and Mining experience have been increased after level 16, and the journal entries for the Relic Reborn quest have had more details added.

Also, more locations to farm diremite web and fleece have been added, which should lower the cost of weaver materials and finished products.

Buffs/debuffs that you have applied to a target are always shown furthest to the left (i.e. they are listed first) in order to more easily keep track of your own effects.

Bug Fixes

There have been a huge number of bug fixes in the game as well; you’ll have to read the patch notes yourself for everything, but there are a few interesting gems:

An issue wherein the aggro lines would occasionally not display properly during the instance “The Howling Eye (Hard).”

This would seem to refer to the green/red lines between Garuda and her two adds. Some people would see both lines, but I have only ever seen one or the other, and some people have reported seeing none at all.

An issue wherein players were able to fight monsters in the instanced dungeon “Amdapor Keep” without taking any damage.

This likely refers to the ‘tree trick’, where players could climb the tree in the first boss fight and not receive any damage from the stone marionettes, which allowed healers to ‘tank’ them from the tree while DPS and the tank focussed on the boss.

An issue wherein players were not weakened after getting raised.

This refers to the ‘Medica trick’, where casting Medica or Succor at the right time would prevent players from being weakened after a raise.

An issue wherein players were unable to use their pet’s actions while casting a spell.

This remains to be tested, but this appears to refer to Arcanists, Summoners, and Scholars not being able to trigger a pet’s abilities while the player’s character was casting a spell. If this is correct, this is a huge improvement to these classes.



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