We are all very excited about the recent news of Free Company housing in the 2.1 patch! Check out this breakdown from the recent live letter — it looks really cool!!

We are so excited that we’ve decided to launch a Housing Fund Raiser event within the Free Company!

Why a fundraiser?

In the live letter, it was confirmed that housing will cost gil (in-game money). At this point we aren’t sure exactly how much gil, but we know it won’t be cheap! Luckily, Espers United is fortunate to have several members with mega-huge gil reserves, and some of those members have offered to front the costs. While that’s very generous of them, we don’t want the FC to be a burden! So, instead, we’ve decided to kick off a FC Housing Funding Drive! Wooooo!!!

We’re still working out the details..

Not everything is ironed out, but I wanted to break down a few of the main points:

  • We know that the housing market is first-come, first-served.
  • We also know that prices will drop as housing is purchased.
  • We would like to purchase early, hopefully getting into the first housing instance.
  • Housing comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.
  • Obviously we want a “large” house. =D
  • We believe the best approach is to have a large amount of gil on-hand prior to the 2.1 housing release.
  • We will run the funding drive until 1-2 days before the 2.1 update is released.

So, why donate to the fund?

  1. Because housing is cool, duh!
  2. Every donator will have their character name added to a special new “Donators” section of the website.
  3. The biggest donators will receive a special rank within the free company. *
  4. We will be giving away prizes to everyone who participates!

Prizes?! How do I win?!

  • Door prizes: We will doing random door prize draws for all those who donates.
    To become eligible for door prizes, you must donate at least of 10,000 gil to the FC drive. Once this donation is complete, you will receive an entry into every door prize draw. Door prizes will be drawn every week.
  • Grand Prize: For every 25,000 gil donated, members will receive an entry to a maximum of 8 entries.
    While members are still encouraged to continue donating, they will not receive additional entries once the maximum is reached. The grand prize(s) will be drawn at the end of the funding drive.

Prizes – What are they?

More details on this soon. We are still working out the particulars, but we’re thinking stuff like:

  • In-game minion gift packs
  • Gifted Steam game downloads
  • Final Fantasy XIV ARR game time
  • New game hardware – controllers, headsets, etc.
  • Final Fantasy-themed toys / plush animals
  • Vanity FC / website rank for biggest donators.

To reiterate, nothing is set in stone, but we’re planning to offer both in-game and real-life prizes!

Making a Donation

You can make a donation by sending a “Moogle Mail” message to one of the members listed below. Please attach your donation to the moogle mail message.

Members who can receive donations:

  • Dash Riprock
  • Loonz Gallifrey
  • Lundara Epochan
  • Charizar Mander

Note: If the member is not already on your “friend list”, you will have to add them before sending mail. You cannot make a donation by placing gil into the company chest. Please use the procedure above to ensure you receive the appropriate credit / entries.


If you have any questions about this event, visit the Housing fundraiser thread in General Discussion and post your questions there.

More news on how to donate will be posted shortly!

Until then, check out these resources about Free Company housing:

Other links:

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