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    Sophie (Ada Prowbreaker)
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    Hey, Esperadoes!

    TL;DR: Semi-regular, non-specific, minimally-structured Espers funtime group bonding activities, to help Espers get to know each other and not feel like socially awkward MMO penguins. Tick the times you’d prefer. P.S. join us on Mumble. Yes, you.


    The long-winded bit:

    What with the recent mini-exodus from Espers United, a few idle conversations in both the FC chat and on Mumble have touched upon The State of the Community. More specifically, folks have noted that both the size of the FC, and the wide diversity of time-zones, play styles, and character levels amongst our members, can make it a little hard to get to know people – or at least to get to know people beyond the same small group of players you usually talk to.

    Now, we’re a friendly bunch, and I know I’m not the only one who hates the idea of members feeling isolated (been there), or left behind (been there), or not part of the Mumble Cool Kids Endgame Club (been there), or not able to contribute much (been there), or etc. etc. etc. We’re all here because the core ethos of Espers United appealed to us, and because we genuinely like making friends, helping out, and generally being an awesome community. So! What do?

    A couple of people have suggested the idea of regular or semi-regular FC events. Nothing too elaborate or over-complicated, but basically an excuse to get together, to give people a chance to hang out and/or party up with folks they might not usually run with, to do something either useful and productive or totally pointless and hilarious, to invent drinking games, and most importantly, to have fun – together.

    While there’s nothing concrete planned yet, I thought a good first step would be to run a poll and find out what time(/s) would work best for the most people on an ongoing-ish basis. After all, besides all those pesky RL obligations like family, work, school, etc., some people also have set raiding schedules, or prefer to devote peak times like weekends to leveling and dungeon-running. Most events will ideally be the sort where people can drop in and out as they please, but it’d still be nice to schedule them for when as many folk as possible have both the time and inclination to be around.

    Whether it’s chocobo steeple chases, drunk spiritbonding parties, dungeon races, hide and seek, or just chilling out on Mumble and plug.dj while gathering, mosey on over to the form above and tick the times that would work best for you on a weekly/bi-weekly/?????/whenever-people-feel-like-it basis.

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    Aeryn Dapi’aoen
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    NOTE: Prizes will be funded by Aeryn Dapi’aoen for the Chocobo Steeplechase, unless another party is interested in hosting it.

    Chocobo Steeple Chase:

    A 10-obstacle racing event in which participant must race on a level 1-10 job through a perilous course laid out by 10 volunteers.
    Obstacles must be jumped over, or on top of, depending on the obstacle.
    Participants must wear the provided YELLOW “Jockey Uniforms”- and nothing else!

    First Prize: 5,000 gil
    Second Prize: 2,500 gil
    Third Prize: 1,250 gil


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    A hint for the forum….  Possibly add in Time Zones!  We’re all over the world, may help for scheduling in some of the folks out on opposite sides of the globe!

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    I really want to host a hide and seek game! Maybe get a few riddles to go along with it. I’ll get working on the places and the prizes ^^

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    A scavenger hunt would be super fun!

    Edit: I’m a dork that can’t read.

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    At times, nothing feels better when you’re all working together and getting stuff done like professionals!

    Not specific to the game, but i’ve lightly discussed the possibility of playing some other games together (namely Mario Party) as a form of team building. It’s not always the case that we can only play together when we’re all on Final Fantasy!


    If you’re interested in Mario Party specifically or have some other suggestions, get a hold of me ingame or msg my skype, “nanaoei”.

    My schedule allows for lots of League of Legends, too!

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    Dash Riprock
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    How do you play Mario Party online? Is that a Nintendo DS thing?

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    You guys – I love this! If this is a dropped ball can we pick it up ASAP? :D haha.. chocobo races?! come on! haha.. lets do this!

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    Mahotsukai Tamashi
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    Some of us could get together for some Civ 5, DOTA2/SMITE, Magicka, or whatever people are in the mood for. FFXIV doesn’t always have to be a game that we can play with everyone to bond.

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