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    Avatar of Charizar Mander
    FCP: 0.00

    We’re trying to get some static raid groups going. To make it easier on people we made this thread to get peoples information and schedules. This is in no way forcing you to be a group that you don’t want to be in. We are just getting schedules and giving you folks a list of people that would be on when you are.

    Name: Charizar Mander -Currently in a group

    Class: Summoner

    Preferred play time/day: All day any day (jobless T.T)


    Avatar of Dan (Lulu Lemon)
    Dan (Lulu Lemon)
    FCP: 183.00

    -Currently in a group

    Class: bard

    Preferred play time/day: Monday/Tuesday 6 PM-12 AM PST; Saturday/Sunday 3 PM-12 PM

    Avatar of Webbos
    FCP: 8.00

    Class: Warrior

    Prefered Play time: Tuesday-Friday, anytime after 5:30 CST. Saturday – Monday I am available, just would prefer Tues-Fri

    Avatar of
    FCP: 0.00

    Class: Paladin

    Time Zone: Mountain MST

    Preferred time: After 10-11pm any night (take the bus), before 7am any time. Random scheduling for work, never have weekends off really.

    Avatar of Kenpachi Ramasama
    Kenpachi Ramasama
    FCP: 14.00

    -Currently in a group

    Class: Dragoon

    Time Zone: (CST) Central

    Preferred Play Time/Day:

    • My Work schedule is 10pm – 6am. I can play anytime before and after that time.
    • Any Day (I have different days off but they shouldn’t be a problem)
    Avatar of Law (Allonsy Alonso)
    Law (Allonsy Alonso)
    FCP: 8.00

    Class : White Mage

    Preferred play time:

    • Monday to Friday between 6:30 to 10 PST (can start as early as 6:00 with prior notice, or end as late as 11 on the dot).
    • Saturday and Sunday are mostly free if scheduled ahead of time.
    • Prefer no more than 3 days per week on raiding. Prefer each raid no longer than 3 hours.


    Avatar of Lkhai Tia
    Lkhai Tia
    FCP: 2.00

    Class: Monk

    Time: Any day but monday, wednesday from 8AM EST -> 4PM EST, or on thursday from 11am EST -> 7:30pm EST

    Avatar of Mufter (Moofz Gallifrey)
    Mufter (Moofz Gallifrey)
    FCP: 23.00

    -Currently in a group

    Class: Black Mage

    Time Zone: Eastern

    Preferred playtime Sun-Thursday 5-11PM / Fri+Saturday All day

    Additional Contributions: 50 Weaver / Soon to be 50 Botanist

    Avatar of Crunchwrap Supreme
    Crunchwrap Supreme
    FCP: 5.00

    Class: Paladin

    Play Time:

    • Monday/Wednesday – 4 PM CST until Midnight CST
    • Tuesday/Thursday – 6 PM CST until Midnight CST
    • Friday – Sunday – Any given time

    Preferred Play Time:

    Normally during the week, Monday – Friday 6:30 PM CST until 11 PM CST.

    My schedule is slightly subject to change depending on when I need to have assignments/exams done for school.

    Avatar of Gantr (Ran)
    Gantr (Ran)
    FCP: 44.00

    -Currently in a group


    PREFERRED PLAY TIME: At the moment I have very little restriction, so pretty much anytime.

    SHE said that
    Avatar of Marcoux Erebus
    Marcoux Erebus
    FCP: 209.00

    -Currently in a group


    Class: PLD

    Timezone: Mountain

    RAID time plans: Wednesday 8PM -> way too late; Saturday 3PM -> way too late


    I’m a bit flexible, but those are what I have planned right now. I’ll also probably be on in the evenings after 9PMish when my daughter goes to sleep.

    Avatar of Haley (Loonz Gallifrey)
    Haley (Loonz Gallifrey)
    FCP: 14.00

    Class: Warrior (Leveling a Healer as well, though not quite 50)

    Schedule Availability:Subject to change, will know for sure within the week. Just throwing this up there so people get the general idea.

    Monday before noon, or after 4pm EST

    Tues – Friday: After 1pm EST

    Saturday: All day!

    Sunday: All day!

    Preferences: Can raid as many days a week as needed. Fine with raiding for 6+ hours straight, but would prefer to be done by midnight-1am EST on Sunday-Thursday (Class every single day! T_T)

    Should hopefully be geared and ready to raid by the end of this weekend!

    Also, I would consider myself semi-hardcore to hardcore in raiding.

    Avatar of Dagny Fletcher
    Dagny Fletcher
    FCP: 39.00

    -Currently in a group

    Class: White Mage

    Schedule availability: Afternoons to late nights, any day (CST).

    Avatar of Daniel (Dancing Blossom)
    Daniel (Dancing Blossom)
    FCP: 72.00

    -Currently in a group

    Name: Dancing Blossom
    Class: Scholar
    Preferred play time/day: in between jobs right now so pretty open at the moment.

    Avatar of Baka Lion
    Baka Lion
    FCP: 23.00

    Baka Lion

    White Mage

    Preferred Times:
    From Awakening to Sleeping (12~3PM to 3AM CST)

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    Avatar of Nick (Lundara Epochan)
    Nick (Lundara Epochan)
    FCP: 42.00

    Name: Lundara Epochan

    Class: Dragoon

    Times: EST, any of the times always forever. A bit sketchy this upcoming week due to vacationing, but after that I should be settled in and ready for whatever.

    Avatar of Vaelon
    FCP: 4.00

    Name: Vaelon Daevoux

    Class: Dragoon

    Times: Late evenings (EST 6:00 pm – 3:00 am) of any day except every Weds., however flexible to just about any time given enough notice.

    Avatar of Dash Riprock
    Dash Riprock
    FCP: 258.00

    -Currently in a group

    Name: Dash Riprock
    Class: Warrior
    Preferred play time/day: Weekday evenings; 6:30PM to 11:00 PM.

    Possibly weekends, but I don’t want to commit to them now.

    Avatar of Achorn Veneficus
    Achorn Veneficus
    FCP: 17.00

    Name : Achorn Veneficus

    Class : White Mage

    Times : 7pm-11pm EST M-F, maybe weekends not sure yet.

    Avatar of Kevv Two
    Kevv Two
    FCP: 16.00

    Name: Kevv Two

    Class: Summoner

    Times: Weekends, afternoons on mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning and pat 10PM EST, and fridays afternoons.

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