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    I’m not going to go into details, but I wanted to post a quick heads-up for people.

    There was an unfortunate conversation this morning, which started as a supposedly innocent question by one of our members, but turned into an unpleasant and unfortunate conversation which offended several of our members. After speaking with the offender, it became obvious that while he may not have meant to offend anyone, he didn’t care that he had, and was openly (and shockingly) hostile to the idea of attempting to mend fences.

    We’re building a community here, and we have some great people who treat each other with respect, dignity, and maturity. Individuals who don’t respect other people, even to the level of basic human decency and compassion, are not welcome. It’s unfortunate that this is the case, but it’s bound to happen eventually.

    From the Company Charter:

    • Respectful to all people, inside of the Company and out. Be kind, courteous, and patient with everyone you meet.
    • As the Company‚Äôs core values include a welcoming, inclusive, and safe atmosphere, discussion in public forums (including but not limited to: the subreddit, Free Company chat, parties/raids, dungeons, or official linkshells) shall not include topics that are subject to heated debate, including (but not limited to): general politics (especially American politics), religion, sports, or any other controversial topic not related to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.
    • Individuals asked to cease arguments or discussions by any other individual (be they an Officer, Member, or Recruit) should take their discussion private or end it. If an individual expresses discomfort or offense with a topic of discussion, individuals are asked to respect their feelings without requiring an explanation.

    The individual in question ignored these three simple rules. Furthermore, he attempted to justify his comments, and his indifference towards the feelings of other people. For this reason, he is no longer part of Espers United, and is no longer welcome.

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