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    Daniel (Dancing Blossom)
    FCP: 72.00

    Espers United would like to begin hosting regular events that everyone in the company can participate in. We just achieved level 8 as a Free Company, which provides us access to better buffs and allows us to utilize two of them at the same time. Listed below are some thoughts on regular events we can schedule. Please add your input, especially regarding scheduled times, applied buffs and any additional events you’d like to see.


    • Chimera, Hydra, and HM primals as a FC to help members complete relic quests.
    • Proposed Time – Saturday evenings
    • Proposed Buffs – Meat and Mead (Food) / Back on Your Feet (Weakness)


    • Primal X and Ultimate HM runs for weapon quests and accessory drops
    • Proposed Time – Saturday afternoons
    • Proposed Buffs – Meat and Mead (Food) / Back on Your Feet (Weakness)


    • A full 24 man raid (or as many as we can get)
    • Proposed Time – Sunday afternoons
    • Proposed Buffs – Meat and Mead (Food) / Back on Your Feet (Weakness)


    • Increases to gathering experience and yield
    • Proposed Time – Tuesday evenings
    • Proposed Buffs – Live off the Land (Gathering) / Earth and Water (Gathering XP)


    • Increases to crafting experience and yield
    • Proposed Time – Wednesday evenings
    • Proposed Buffs – In Control (Control) / Helping Hand (Crafting XP)


    • Power leveling chocobos and spirit bonding gear in lvl 50 beastman areas
    • Proposed Time – Friday evenings
    • Proposed Buffs – A Man’s Best Friend (Companion XP) / That Which Binds Us (Spirit Bonding)

    MAPS on MAPS on MAPS

    • Do Peisteskin maps with fellow Espers and increase our housing fund.
    • This group donates all gil received from these treasure hunts to the FC housing fund, but all loot drops are up for grabs. To contribute you need to have a gathering class at lvl 45-50. If interested in joining ask in FC chat about the maps linkshell.
    • Meets every other day


    • Default Buffs – Reduced Rates (Teleporting) / The Heat of Battle (Battle XP)
    • Evening Times – about 4pm – 10pm PT, earlier or later as requested
    • Afternoon Times – about 10am – 4pm PT, earlier or later as requested


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    I like it!


    Avatar of Dan (Lulu Lemon)
    Dan (Lulu Lemon)
    FCP: 183.00

    This sounds fantastic! Great job Dancing!

    Avatar of Sophie (Ada Prowbreaker)
    Sophie (Ada Prowbreaker)
    FCP: 38.00

    Oh man, I’m super down for this, though I’m gonna have to be gung-ho about cheerleading people to get on early on Saturdays/Sundays. 10am PST is already 6pm my time, and missing out on all-Espers CT runs would be tragic.

    Now, if only there were a buff that increased everyone’s luck with loot drops…

    Avatar of Marcoux Erebus
    Marcoux Erebus
    FCP: 209.00

    Looks good to me, but don’t you need level 46 for the level 50 nodes? I’ll be participating when I can now that I’m done with my holiday plans.

    Avatar of Gil Song
    Gil Song
    FCP: 166.00

    Great job! I like what I see! Here is a thought to help with House Funding; maybe set weekly goals that we (the FC as a whole) should reach for the week. If we reach it, than the highest contributor can choose the secondary buff (not the tele reduction) for the week! If Maps on Maps on Maps is the highest contributor, then the whole LS can vote for the secondary buff. Also, the highest contributor can make Ran Birdz their lap dog for an hour. This could also work even if we don’t set weekly goals. Just have the highest contributor of the week choose the secondary stat.


    Just a thought.

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    Avatar of Eraziel Mithandir
    Eraziel Mithandir
    FCP: 20.00

    I am so stoked for this!   I know it can be a bit tough to get people all on the same day/time but, I mentioned in FC chat today, that a doodle poll might be helpful for that.   Check out the website at : http://www.doodle.com/   totally free and really useful.

    I am excited to do more stuff with you guys :) !

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